Love this site and I love, love, love my new way of life.

I'm now day 22 of being primal, 4kg's lighter and 5 cm's of my waist and three cm's of my thunder thighs.

My daily breakdown is 70%fat 25%protein 5%carbs and my body appears to be very happy with this approach. Very hard getting the old head round the full fat. I never ever imagined in my life I would have beef lard and ghee in my fridge. The other day I was in the supermarket and pulled out the duck fat and told my husband "you need to cook your eggs in this every morning." He laughed a. because it was something he never thought he would hear from me and b. the woman standing next to us looked quite disapproving. Him and I are not on the thin side ... yet.

I'm 42 in february and I have solidly gained weight for the last 6 years and would like to arrive back at my wedding day weight of 58kg, that was 9 years ago. I am 5'1" so a wee shorty, like a round ball, round bum, round face, round everything.

I am now completely grain and wheat free. Benefits I have noticed so far are

Energy, so much so that I am on the go until I pop my head on the pillow and I wake up an hour earlier now too.
No raging hunger anymore, just a gentle tugging that says to refuel. In fact I have stopped eating breakfast till 10am or later sometimes.
Mood is stabilised, I'm more calm and so much happier. Sometimes I feel high with the joy I feel. Weird, I know!
My skin and nails are fabulous.
All bloatedness has left my face and eyes, I actually look younger and fresher.
Hardly any plaque on my teeth and my gums feel healthier.
My hayfever has disappeared.
My undies are getting looser.

I have not once been tempted to return to the carb side. Even when making my kids lunches. Even when cakes are bought into the house. Because I know the sugar and wheat is poison to my body. Plus also reading Primal Mind, Primal Body has cemented the knowledge of what it was doing to my poor body. Now to turn around the harm done and become healthy.

Today I weigh 71.3 kg, weigh in day is thursday.
start 18 Oct 2012 75'ish kg