Hello all,

I am relatively new to Primal Lifestyle and had some questions.

1) What are your opinions on snacking? I started a thread a while back re: how i was not losing any weight on the primal diet and many people responded that i was snacking too much, yet i have read many posts and forums on paleo/primal living and many people are snacking throughout there day

2) Also if you suggest snacking what are some good ideas of snacks that you have tried? I am physician and have hectic hours and so eating a proper meal can be difficult at times but i dont want to make excuses and am looking for support and guidance in planning out my daily snacks.

3) What are some foods that you eat to obtain your daily fat intake? I saw some interviews with Mark Sission and he mentions olive oil, ghee, nuts and seeds but i cant seem to eat too much at one time and wonder if i am getting enough fat in my diet

4) I am currently on Day 29/30 of the Primal Challenge and have not lost any weight. I realize that all bodies are different but i thought after not eating traditional carbs i would have lost some degree of fat but have not noticed much of a difference. Any thoughts?

Any help is much appreciated and look forward to connecting with many of you.