I've been cycling my daily carb intake from high to low based on my workout days, and it seems to be working pretty well so far in losing the last few pounds of fat, while still gaining strength. While the majority of my carbs on workout days come from vegetables and fresh grapes, I also eat white instant rice due to its high density making things more convenient.

However, the rice leaves me feeling and looking bloated, something simple carbs don't do as much. I've considered ditching the rice in favor of more fruit, but my living situation (in the military) limits me both economically and the ability to prepare my food. I was considering canned fruit, but to get a dense dose of carbs, I would need the stuff packed in syrup. I already know to avoid corn syrup, but some brands use sugar instead of corn. Obviously, sugar isn't much better. But I was already consuming rice. As far as I can tell, sugar causes nothing except inflammation, which the rice was doing anyway. And unlike rice, sugar doesn't contain anti-nutrients common to all grains. And increasing my fruit intake is always good, of course.

So if I were to substitute my rice for canned fruit in (sugar-based) syrup as a cheap and easy carb source, would I be any worse off?