I just came across this interview with Jimmy Moore:

6: All Things Lipids (Cholesterol 101) | Chris Masterjohn | Jimmy Moore Presents: Ask The Low-Carb Experts

About 15 mins in CM says the best predictor of CVD is the ratio of TC to HDL-C. He does not believe enough work has been done to standardize LDL particle size testing and does not even mention LDL-P. I was flabbergasted to hear this after listening to pre-eminent folks like Thomas Dayspring, Lara Dall and Peter Attiia make strong and unequivocal assertions that the only number that matters is LDL-P. The TC/HDL-C ratio has been around for decades and CM says the target should be 3 which is also a very CW notion. So, after throwing so many stones at my doctor and many others I perceived to be stuck in obsolete thinking about cholesterol, CM is saying that CW is still the best, at least as far as CVD risk factors are concerned. CM goes on to say that trig numbers do not add any additional info to the TC/HDL-C ratio although they may be helpful in identifying IGT.

This scares the crap out of me because my ratio was 5 before I started a VLC, high saturated fat diet. My primary objective is to control BG but I bet my TC is up substantially which, according to CM, means my risk of CVD is also up substantially.

Do you think Chris Masterjohn has more cred than Attia, Dayspring and Dall?

How can so many lipid experts be all hyped up about LDL particle size and particle count when someone like Masterjohn says the standard lipid profile and conventional TC/HDL-C ratio is the only thing that matters?