Hey guys,
So, I had a great breakfast today and am LOVING how bulletproof coffee makes me want to bounce off the walls.
I'm still struggling with a distorted relationship with food (primal has helped it a LOT but not 100%) and often emotionally eat. I did that this morning shortly after arriving at work. The reasons behind it don't matter for this post (I have a lot of fear/anxiety and think PTSD that is very subtle in how it operates) but I noticed later that I'm hugely bloated.
The candy I had was 5 fun size crunch bars. I inhaled them. I ate lunch early (broccoli, butter and a grassfed hamburger.) then had a bunch of starbursts after.
My stomach feels huge. It IS huge. Its normally very big anyway, because I'm very fat still (I can't seem to stay primal more than 2 or 3 days. I end up eating a lot of sugar, no gluten/wheat though) but it feels different now. Like someone blew a balloon up inside me.
Does anyone else have this problem? What can I do to help reduce the bloating? I think some of it is constipation too because my boyfriend ordered pizza and I had some of the cheese and toppings. I actually tried to eat the crust, just to see and couldn't. I spit it out and gave it to the dog. Soft cheeses (like pizza cheese) really affect me, so maybe its a combination?
I'm going to go to the gym tonight and walk a bunch, maybe lift some weights. Hopefully that'll help. I'm so sluggish..I hate this.