I've been around for awhile, and have seen no need to start my own journal (for a variety of reasons... I've been harshly, unnecessarily flamed on the internet enough for 5 lifetimes, I prefer either a journal with no comments or a blog-type format where each post's responses are with the post, I usually don't find this lifestyle difficult, etc...), but as I was scarfing some five-spice pastured pork this morning, I felt an urge to start one of these things for two reasons:
1. to keep track of awesome things I've cooked (you know, sometimes you forget them a month down the road)
2. to note what my "20%" was for the day/week - kind of to keep myself accountable.

I'm not sure how I feel about keeping all this on here as opposed to a blog, but I figure it can't hurt to try.
So, here goes....

I'm PrimalMama, I'm in my early 30's, live in NYC with my significant other and furkids.
I ate fairly healthy food growing up, though there were always non-sugary cereals and desserts - I've always been a meat fiend... I have no idea what I was thinking when I tried to go vegetarian in 7th grade and ended up not eating red meat for about 10 or 12 years. It always irked my parents that I didn't want rice with my chinese food (true story, I always ate the meat off the top and then wondered why there needed to be flavorless stuff at the bottom of my bowl). Sure, I would ask for the processed junk that filled friends' houses, but it was mostly a desire to fit in, not an actual want of frankenfood. The longer I live, the more I realize what JUNK your average American eats... especially living in a fast-paced city in a less affluent (read: cheaper junkier food) neighborhood.

I came to primal through a journey that included reading just about every diet and nutrition theory out there in the late 90's and trying The Zone (it worked, but I was SO cranky and craving protein), and Atkins (WITHOUT shakes or bars - you know, Dr. A's original plan!), combined with the plan in the Curves book (permanent weight loss without permanent dieting) - I lost 50lbs in 6 months in 2003, which was probably too much, and probably too fast... it was a shock to my body, for sure. I maintained and was generally healthy for several years after that loss - though I'd have periods of waxing and waning, times where I was healthier, and times where I just didn't make eating right a priority. I found MDA while searching for low-carb training advice (I wanted to do a triathlon), and I loved what Mark had to say on many subjects related to diet and exercise. I had already shifted my Atkinsesque way of eating towards fewer and fewer processed foods, it just made sense! I putzed around with primal/paleo aspects for awhile, and had a routine of IF, swimming, and eating going for a long while that made me feel AWESOME!

A couple years ago, I got pregnant; I didn't follow primal leading up to or throughout my pregnancy - I actually craved (and ate) things like sour gummy worms and bread, which I'd never craved before! I didn't eat tons of junk, but I did gain 25lbs during the pregnancy - about right (especially when you add the 15-20lbs gained pre-pregnancy... maybe it was on the high side?). Unfortunately, we lost the baby during labor to an infection. I don't have a lot of answers and it's not what I'm here to talk about, but it is a significant event in my life, and the reason I'm PrimalMama (I was either preggo or TTC when I picked the username), but don't have any human kids. After the stillbirth, I ate and drank a LOT, I just didn't really care. I ended up about 15lbs over my 9-months-pregnant weight. I'm sure that not breastfeeding didn't help.

I got REALLY seriously back on the wagon in August; I've lost about 35lbs and have had 3 completely pain-free menstrual periods (that hasn't happened in ~20 years) since then. I'm not in this so much for weight loss (though I do need to lose) as the fact that this is what's right and good for my body.

SO, anyway, back to why I created this:

Five Spice Pastured Pork:
Sautee some Onions (slices or dices), mushrooms (sliced or quartered) & garlic (chopped) in bacon grease, season with sea salt and chinese five spice powder.
When the onions start looking clear, add pastured ground pork (farm market or wellness rating 4-5 from WF) and more seasoning
stir all together (breaking meat into crumbles) and cook until meat is no longer pink.

make sure your SO doesn't notice when you essentially drink the grease from the pan...

To serve: last night, I threw some baked kale chips on top of the hot steamy meat for a bit of crunch (it was SO GOOD); this morning, I *nommed* a few forkfuls while prepping my bulletproof coffee and lunch; for lunch, I added some pork to a glass to-go bowl of roasted brussels sprouts - ate at room temp, and it was awesome.

My 20%: nothing so far today, but I had a handful of safflower oil fried sea salt kettle chips yesterday - I think I needed the salt.