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Thread: Primal Potato Diet (PPD)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pickled herring View Post
    So Easter weekend has come and gone, and I am afraid to weigh in! After last week's great number, I'm sure I have gone up. I know I felt like hell last night after "regular food' for the first time in two months. It is back to the potatoes for today, and maybe a weigh in tomorrow. They are so filling and good, and they really take my mind off of food for hours at a time. Love 'em!

    How do you cook your taters? I want to try this.

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    Ok. I'm baking an oven full of giant russets and boiling a full pot of regular Idahos.

    I had coffee with local honey and Primal Fuel for breakfast and leftover pork chop with kraut and taters for lunch.

    I have Sriracha and salt and pepper and vinegar and other stuff like Tony Chacheres and Lawrys salt (staples of mine).

    I will weigh in the morning for accuracy, but I will eat taters tonight. I have to go out of town next week , so I will be dining out.

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    Is this thread dead? What happened to the potato folks?

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    We're still here, reading the thread whenever it's active, but likely we've said most of what we have to say. I'm still using potatoes, have for most of March, and am successful in continuing with gradual weight loss. I'm posting on my own thread instead of here.

    Good luck with your potato adventure. It really works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firemart View Post
    Is this thread dead? What happened to the potato folks?
    We're watching you! Have you seen all the old potato threads? There must be a dozen. Read those and you'll see why people are a bit burnt out on the potato diet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firemart View Post
    Is this thread dead? What happened to the potato folks?
    Still here, still watching and reading and have re-started a potatoe week in the quest to get to my goal weight -95 kgs (~12kgs/26lbs) from where I currently am.

    I did the Potatoe and white rice thing in November and went from 111kgs to 105kgs in 10 days, since then I have stayed around the 105Kgs -/+ 1-2 kgs Highest I have been since is 107Kgs after a few days of pretty unclean eating and drinking (beers and eating breads cakes etc) I can live with that. The lowest 103.5kgs was after a few days of warrior IFing 18-6 but I found I over ate in the evening and craved sugers pretty bad.

    Anyway to detox after Easter, clean up the eating, I am up and off again on potatoes and white rice for this week.. I will let you know how it goes. Started yesterday at 107kgs down 0.5kg this morning
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    I started the potato hack yesterday morning, at 201 pounds. Ate 3.5 pounds of potatoes, a mixture of boiled reds and baked russets, spices used were seasoning salt (no sugar or MSG), garlic powder, turmeric, salt and pepper, and a splash of Bragg's "evil soy concoction". Coffee was black, tea was black. First meal was at 9AM, last meal was at 6PM.

    Didn't feel that bad, no real hunger issues, digging the novelty of eating starch again, and right after dinner I still had plenty of energy, even walked briskly to a supermarket 1.5 miles away and back for a bit more tater variety (10lbs of Yukons and 5 pounds of yellow sweet potatoes, and some organic FF chicken stock).

    But there was one big issue. I couldn't sleep. Tried going to bed at my regular 11:30 timeframe..tossed and turned until 1:30, got up for a couple hours (reading by incandescent light), tried it again, forcing myself to stay in bed this time, until I finally conked out sometime after 6:00 AM.

    For the record, unless I'm running a high fever or I'm dealing with a major injury like broken ribs or limbs, I never have trouble sleeping...lay me horizontal or semi-horizontal and within 20 minutes I'm out, doesn't matter how loud it is, how hot or cold it is, if it's a bed, the back of a moving truck, the floor, in the dirt, whatever. Stress doesn't have much effect either (and trust me, I've dealt with stress). For my entire adult life, I've usually slept the sleep of the just (even though I'm not, particularly).

    Before you ask, my last caffeine was a cup of green tea at around 2:30 PM, and other than the taters and spices listed (which I consume daily sans potatoes in about the same quantity) I ate nothing.

    Thankfully, once I did go to sleep, I slept well enough, other than the oddity of waking up at noon. My weight hadn't changed, still 201, but I wasn't expecting it to, considering the disrupted sleep and it only being the first full day.

    I wasn't super hungry when I woke up so held off for awhile, just black coffee and water, finally breaking fast at 2PM with 1.5 pounds of Yukons mashed with a splash of chicken stock (that's good stuff!). Total of another ~3.5 pounds of taters today, including 5 ounces of nuked sweet potato with cinnamon and nutmeg (also damn good stuff, and I suspect dangerously tasty). Might be worth mentioning that I was "super regular" yesterday and today; I'm usually a three times a week guy since going Primal, but this last couple days I've done a months worth of business in the loo. No drama, just a lot of volume.

    Hoping I'll be able to sleep better this evening, but it's already getting past what's usually "Zero Yawn Thirty" for me and I'm not feeling it.

    Should also mention that prior to this, I was HF/VLC, less than 10-20g carbs daily (most of that from ACV supplement and coconut milk or HWC in my coffee) and had been for over a year. As for cheats, a grand total of eight beers since November 2011, and one airline bagel on a flight back from the UK. All in all, I was pretty damned strict, so yesterday's carb refeed was on the epic side for me, and I'm hoping the sleep issues was just an overload of glucose energy.

    Good news is, my strict avoidance of carbs and staying Primal-ish seemed to have paid off, since I'd lost 117 pounds since I started my version of the PB in late 2011.

    Thing is, that last ten pounds took me four months to drop, hence my motivation for trying the potato hack. I'm on a soft plateau and I'm trying to bust out of it.

    And yes, I have a fair bit more to lose just to get down to "average" BF%, this ain't vanity weight we're talking about here, at 200 pounds and 5'11" I'm still obese, if no longer morbidly so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Croak View Post
    ...I started the potato hack yesterday morning...
    Croak - Hang in there! You can do it! I can't imagine why it would have interfered with your sleep, do you have sleep apnea/use a CPAP by chance? I had sleep apnea, but it got better as I lost weight and I quit using my CPAP, sometimes, however, I find my sinuses clogged or if I eat certain things, it makes my breathing a bit off and I snore really bad with apnea events and need the machine again some nights.

    Here's some advice on the potato diet. Make sure you have plenty of pre-cooked, smallish potatoes in the fridge for snacks should you get the munchies. Also, after a while, if you need to quit for a meal out or some other situation where eating potatoes would be awkward, just quit and eat normal for a day or two. It won't hurt a bit--this isn't like ketosis where an off-meal throws you out.

    Keep us posted!

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    my first post ever here but just found this topic this week and was very interested. Short story: been paleo since August 1 when my bloodwork came back horrible (CRP of 12), have Hashimotos, no adrenals, no hormones except for estrogen which is super high blah blah. SO now CRP is .04, (oh yeah) hormones still in toilet. Lost 40 lbs fast have 30 more to go and the scale has no budged since Nov. My peripheral circulation was horrible and my hair was falling out. Added potato instant warmth cease all symptoms. great but still scale won't move. Like this is my new set point. My BG is "ok" but not as low as I think it should be: FBG anywhere from 90-110, after meals 120 back to 100 well by 2 hrs. fasting insulin was 4.8, A1c 5.1.

    On day one PD and my FBG was 96 this am sugar went to 215 after 2 small russets plain at 7am, but back to 102 by 2 hr mark. BG of 78 an hr after that. RAVENOUSLY hungry, feeling very weak, ate another P at 11am, BP went 141 at 30 mins, back to 124 at 1:10 mins , now at almost 2 hrs post 115.
    SO what's up? am I one of the ones who shouldn't do this? I am starving and going to go eat another P or will things calm down in a day or two you think?? I don't think I have very good sugar regulation at all, a sweet potato will spike my sugar even eaten in a meal with protein to 140-165. white potatoes with protein, BG doesn't move.

    Any help or advice appreciated!! Just would love to get off this new set point....

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    No apnea issues, it wasn't that I had fitful sleep, it's that I was unable to even drift off.

    I boiled up 3 pounds of reds the first day and ate them over the course of that day and the next, and I boiled another 3 pounds last night that are ready to go, and there's only a ten minute "lag time" to prep more in the microwave if needed.

    Last night was better in terms of sleep, I was out sometime after 1:00 AM and slept until 9:00. A little unhappy with the scale this morning though, 203 lbs.

    I'd made it a point to only weigh myself weekly early in my PB process, for that very reason, a few pounds of excess water or undigested food can play hell with your morale.

    However, I reckon I've got another 8-10 days of potatoes on hand and I'm going to keep on trucking and eat them all.

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