I work for a small non-profit in the cardiovascular disease space. Also, I've been living a mostly primal lifestyle for over a year. I'm an avid reader of MDA and I subscribe to most of the beliefs of the paleo-sphere. I still have left some room for improvement in my own life, but I'm working on closing those gaps.

That being said, I travel to a lot of the major medical conferences around the country, and sometimes even international meetings, too. My organization also sits on think-tanks and participates in creating policy and public health programs around a specific cardiovascular disease. I'm having difficulty being as good of a leader as I'd like to be in my job because so many of my personal beliefs do not mesh very well with the conventional wisdom about nutrition and health out there. We work with the American Heart Association, and other professional medical associations.

There is largely still the belief that fat is bad, well, you all know what CW says. Although, I was pleasantly surprised to be in a session recently with research being presented that "not all saturated fats are created equally," and there could be some good properties to fats like MCTs, including coconut oil. Of course I thought to myself, "that's a no brainer," but some of the moderators were still skeptical themselves about the beneficial properties of coconut oil or MCTs.

I suppose the point I'm getting to here is that I'd like some inspiration or guidance as to whether I should figure out a way to jump ship and get into a field that doesn't stray so much from my own nutritional and lifestyle beliefs, or if I should see this as an opportunity to have a huge positive impact in the field of public health.