I used to be more active on the MDA fourms, though I was never terribly active. (After a year this will only be my 174th post, and lots of those were "+1" type comments.) When I did post, it was mostly in Odds and Ends threads. Most days I'd just browse and not post at all.

Then I pretty much stopped coming here two months ago. At the same time I also started eating crap all the time (and lots of it) and stopped working out and have therefore gained 10 pounds. No MDA and more body fat - causation or correlation, you decide.

Either way, I'm going to give this journal thing a shot because I'm hoping that I'll be shamed into treating my body well and not like a garbage disposal. Just kidding, it's not a shame thing, but I do think that being more active here (even just in the silly threads), either posting or reading, make me think more about my choices and how the will impact me long term. So hopefully this journal thing will force me to be more active/involved.

I doubt I will post everyday, but I'm going to make an effort to post a few times a week.

I am not going to make excuses for my choices, but not beat myself up for them either. Eating cake or skipping a work out does not constitute a moral failing. I will simply except that sometimes I chose poorly and move on to the next choice.

Anyway, I'm quick starting my fresh leaf with a little fasting. Clear my system, clear my head. It will probably be about 36 hours long.

Note: I overuse parenthetical expressions. Get over it.