I've recently developed the habit of waking up about 2hrs after going to sleep and needing to eat (usually carbs) in order to return to sleep. Any ideas about what may be causing this? I'm wondering if I'm not eating enough or need to increase carbs or fats.

A few details:
- high stress job with variable sleep hours (on call)
- 5'5" 107lbs 13.5%bf
- 1300 calls per day 20%carbs (50-65), 45% fats 35%protein
- active: interval training, hard body weight exercise 2x week, low intensity cardio 45-90mins 5-6xwk
- ammenorheric since 2007 (when my husband passed away)
Thoughts? Anyone else notice this? It's strange and has happened every once in a while for the past few years.