Lately I've had a sudden case of very chapped lips, likely due to winter rolling in. I've never had dry lips before at all before in my life, but I had an Accutane course about a year or so ago that left me with minor skin issues (in terms of dryness). Those problems have improved considerably as my body repairs itself, but my lips aren't holding up very well this year, and I'd like some advice for moisturising them / helping them heal in harsh weather. Last year while I was on my course, I just used a big dap of coconut oil smeared over my mouth to help -- which it did, quite a bit -- but unfortunately it's not holding up too well this time around.

My lips are particularly cracked and sore at the very top of my mouth, which makes smiling incredibly painful to do. They're also drying out at the very bottom today, but what confuses me is that my lips themselves are nice and plump; it's just the edges that are suffering a lot. During my course last year, I had soreness at both sides of my mouth (again, on the edges) which made talking nearly impossible, so maybe there's a pattern here; it's the edges of my mouth that dry out and cause pain.

I have a tub of Vaseline sitting on my shelf that I'm going to use for the very first time for work, but I don't want to become reliant on it. Can anyone lend a hand? Thanks!