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Thread: Any tips for dry lips?

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    My husband and I buy Vitamin E gel capsules from the grocery store and break them open to put on really dry lips. It feels soooo much better. I've also used them if I get a really dry patch of skin in the winter time. Pretty cheap and very effective.

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    I haven't replied in a while but I have read the whole thread; thanks a hell of a lot guys, because I started taking some of your suggestions on board within the same day and now they're perfect! All I did was use more coconut oil on my lips and gave it ample time to settle in while my lips healed, but by FAR the best advice was to avoid licking my lips; everyone says it, everyone probably assumed I was already doing that, but I did it constantly out of instinct. It sounds dumb, but I never realised that it wasn't a lack of moisture that was the problem; it was a lack of oils. Once I stopped licking my lips, I saw immediate improvements and my lips healed within days. Thank you all so much!

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    I use Blistex in the tube for chapped lips. I used to get cracks in the corner of my lips in winter and upping my vitamin Bs helped with that a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patski View Post

    I found a nice chapstick from Whole Paycheck; it's their house brand, cost me only $2, I think. Peppermint. I dig it.
    I love that stuff. Did you read the ingredients list? It sounds like it would actually taste good, and be more nutritious than your average mcdonalds meal LOL.

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    I swear by medicated Blistex, especially because I am prone to cold sores during the colder months if I don't wear chapstick of SOME kind.

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