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    Cool Should you eat an apple daily?

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    Simple yes or no poll...

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    You shouldn't eat an apple daily, especially not a big apple; but that doesn't mean you should never eat an apple ...

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    Good poll.
    I say 'no way'. Marks Daily apple is more of a catchy metaphor in my view... sort of a twist on the traditional saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away!"

    1 large apple has 31 grams of sugar and over 15g of fructose.
    An apple on occasion is okay, though berries are better and metabolically trashed individuals (it's a technical term) would do better without.

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    If we are talking old-school primal apples in the days of Grok, then yes!
    I grok, therefore I am.

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    Most days I do find myself eating a small apple and some berries as fruit. Emphasis on small. Some Grok apples would be interesting but they would be more glucose than fructose and essentially crab apples. I wonder about the paleo banana

    Blarg. I don't even know if I would eat that stuff. Modern frankenfruit is just so good I don't think I could get used to it. The other day my apples tasted like cream soda. Perhaps it's time to limit fruit to just berries.

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    While an apple a day for breakfast would be much better than the bagel/donut/bowl of cereal/HFCS-injected low-fat yogurt that MOST people start off their day with, I'm gonna go with "no" on this one.
    Most apples have a pretty high sugar content, so they are special treats to be enjoyed once in a while

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    i'd say no. personally, i eat 1/2 apple (if it's large) or 1 medium apple every couple days or so. i eat blueberries now and then during the week if we have them but honestly that's about it for my fruit consumption. my veggie intake is more important to me

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    I voted yes, but I'd say the answer is (and should be) different for different people. I'm actively looking for ways to bump my carbs up a bit -- more with starches than with fruits, though. More than half an apple (unless it's a very small one) usually upsets my stomach.

    So, I guess my vote means "have some fruit daily if you're in maintenance and like it and are burning plenty of glycogen."
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    Yes, but take a knife and cut off the peel leaving maybe 1/4 inch of flesh attached. Feed the apple to the wildlife and eat the peel.
    bruce b.

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    I'm voting no even though I do love apples. They don't really have that much vitamin C or fibre and they are not a good source of other vitamins like bananas are with B6 and potassium and folic acid.

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