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    Water Retention and Confusing results?

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    I've lost a decent 10 pounds in the last month and a half. And I can sometimes see this, I look a lot slimmer. In the last Week, I look fatter than I have before the 10 pounds. It's not fat, that's highly improbable. I assume its a lot of water weight bloating me. Although, should it be this dramatic that it cancels out the results of a month and a half? I need reassurance, I guess. It really bothers me that I can look puffier and larger one week, and the next look great. /:

    (Primal has done a lot for me, though. Starting weight: 235. Current: 195. That's the last 4 months, and I've put on a lot of lean mass.)

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    Water weight will do that, and a lot of things can affect water retention, high sodium intake being common. Flucuations are normal. But if it's continuous, look at your sodium/potassium, your exercise habits, climate, fluid intake, food intolerances, and hormonal balance.
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    If I've upped my training with heavy weight or cardio I can gain 2-5 lbs in a week of water. What changed for you the last week?

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    I used to had problems with water retention. Fresh parsley. It helped a lot.

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    Also depends on your diet. The body is a bit like a sponge, if losing water from the muscle because of less carbs you may look flat and fat because of less water in the muscle and more water in the fatcells and under the skin. Refeeding with carbs will get rid of water from the fat cells and under the skin, and fill up the muscle that will press the skin from within. Overnight you may have a much better look, especially if you are relative lean and carb depleted...

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