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Thread: Anxiety and Paleo

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    Anxiety and Paleo

    I have a very brilliant professor that I semi-disagree with on nutrition. Today, he said in his clinical experience, patients on the high-fat and high-protein Paleo diet tend to have their anxiety worsen. I, of course, immediately clarified that paleo didn't always mean high-fat and protein and it could be very high in carbohydrate. I also reminded him that I used to advise people transitioning to Paleo/Primal/PHD/GAPS and every person had better anxiety control or it disappeared completely.

    I want to know YOUR experiences. I do realize that this poll may be a tad self-selecting as those that fail at this way of life may no longer frequent this board. I figure some info is better than none.

    Just to give a better picture of him though, he does love bacon and is experimenting with intermittent fasting with patients. ;-)
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