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    Way to go ladies! I can't say it's gone, but there's definitely less of it. Can't wait to see the results in a few more weeks! (Especially after adding the fitness component.)

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    Very awesome, ladies! I'm loving watching my belly fat leave and seeing the muscles in my thighs again. I knew they were in there somewhere!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aboutsaffron View Post
    I don't know about cellulite, but I'm just amazed at how thinner my ankles, neck, & wrists. I could never figure out why other chubby girls could wear normal sized necklaces, bracelets, etc, but i couldn't - turns out i was walking around swollen all the time. i AM normal, yay!

    That's awesome about your thighs - very exciting to see all the changes, isn't it? *twirls you 'round excitedly*
    Ditto on the ankles/wrists/fingers being thinner thing! I am happy to be able to wear my thick-banded engagement ring again, and my favorite watch which had been too tight, and my ankles don't have that scary puffy look anymore! (I'd always heard that puffy ankles was a symptom of "heart problems.")

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    My mom made a comment to me the other day about my wrists being "too skinny." Umm... huh? Of course they're skinny. There's no muscles there.

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    Mine are boney too. It's kinda like a constant reminder of how skinny I could be :/

    The wrists and my mom. She's 117lb.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Why can't I have the skinny gene and eat as much as she does!? I don't get it! I got the bad skin, the big ass... what the hell is going on?!

    Ok, I don't regret the big ass... :x

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    I've noticed that my cellulite has vastly improved already, and I've only been completely Primal for a little while. Yay!

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