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Thread: What do you think about the Animal Stick?

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    Primal? Can you imagine working it into your fitness routine? If so, how?

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    It looks kinda neat, I guess, but I have a hard time seeing what I could accomplish with that that I couldn't with a hardware store sledgehammer, or a barbell I only loaded on one end- and with the barbell, I could change the weight.

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    I do sledgehammer workouts occasionally when I'm not lifting heavy. Or don't make to the gym. The shovelglove site is worth a look if sledge hammer workouts are something you want to pursue. Ross at also has a couple articles on sledhammer workouts. Those involve slamming tires.

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    Dammit Tayda Tot, you beat me to it!

    I was going to reference those same two websites.

    In relation to the Animal Stick, those two sites have the same stuff, no fluff.

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    I do not (yet) have one of these, but it certainly *looks* primal... both in its essence and its use. And I suspect if would feel primal, too. For me, that fact that it has that rustic, hand-hewn quality would provide an important psychological boost: if I'm going to be primal, I want to look/act/equip myself as primally as possible, given the constraints of modern society. YMMV, of course, but I find that this helps me to get into the headspace and maintain motivation. So yeah, if/when I spent $175 on a new piece of exercise equipment, I'd rather it be on something someone has wildcrafted and hand-created than something designed on a computer and executed on a hi-tech lathe. Just my one person's p.o.v....

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    Even more primal, why not make one yourself? You could attach a rock to the end of a stick any number of ways.

    I think the general idea is good but I'm not impressed at all with what they do with it. Put some force and energy into it, at least! There are lots of workouts that incorporate something like this stick.

    Check out mace workouts, clubbells and just swinging a rope with a weight on the end.

    bruce b.

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    Reminiscent of the "gada" used by hindu wrestlers. You can take a look at it in action at the following link CF78E&index=1

    Steve Maxwell, a guy with tons of great ideas with respect to bodyweight exercises etc. has instructions on how to make one yourself

    I agree with least break a sweat.

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    Ummm, Make your own stick! I hope nobody actually purchases this. A truly Primal Activity would be to find your own stick and rock and make it yourself. Also I think a martial arts class with sticks and swords and forms and play sparring would be a lot more exciting, not to mention rewarding and useful!

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    Looks like a great way to injure yourself-very long levered squats-ouch! I hope they offer adjustable weights so people can work up in resistance. Deliberate exercise is not very primal so I'm not sure how this can be considered primal at all (along with all exercise equipment).

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