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Thread: Don't be that guy!

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    Stuff like this is the reason that I set up my workouts so that I can do them at home and outdoors.
    There was a woman at my old gym who used to do exercises with little dumbells in the squat rack.
    When I asked her to move one morning, she got snippy with me, telling me that she was there first, blah, blah, ect...
    That was it for me.
    Found some weights on craigslist, built a rack on my patio to hang rings from for bodyweight movements, hung a heavybag and speedbag in the basement for boxing workouts, and started sprinting at my local high school track.
    Now I'm saving money from not paying gym fees and getting better, distraction free workouts on my own schedule instead of the gym's hours.
    Much happier with this setup.
    I realize that not everyone has the option to train at home, but if you do, and have the type of personality that allows you to push yourself in short, intense workouts, then I highly recommend it

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    I have been going to the gym recently to do 5x5 Stronglifts as I picked up a load of cheap passes to use over the next few months.

    I am always intrigued by the guys that just train their chest and arms and have chicken legs down below - do they not know where your strength comes from? I never have to wait for the squat rack at that gym!

    Also, it is always amusing to see fat guys/girls on cross trainers.

    So much poor information out there with fitness/health etc..
    2010 - 5,11 and 101KG

    2012 - 5,11 and 77KG

    Train hard, eat well and love life

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