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Thread: Man fights city to grow vegetables in yard... page 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribal Rob View Post
    Well I am pretty much with you there on the golf courses if it wasn't for the fact that they make moron hunting so much easier when you know were they will be, and all that artisitc planting of hedges and trees makes for such great cover you rarely miss a shot
    I will never look at golf the same way again... ! (still chuckling)

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    You know the world is seriously F'd up, when it is illegal to grow food on your own land.

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    I agree that garden design is part of the equation here. If he'd gone with a cottage garden style, or formal garden styles, he'd probably not have any issues and it woudl be considered creative landscaping.

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    COLLEGE PARK, Fla. - A College Park man’s garden will continue to grow in his front yard after the city of Orlando was inundated with emails following a Local 6 story that generated national headlines.

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    yaaaaaay *waves pom poms*
    yeah you are

    I used to think I was funny until I met Kathy Griffin. Iím gonna have to call my mama and have her tell me how good I am. - ginger minj

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