hey all! so last friday, i had an inguinal hernia repair - a relatively minor surgery, but a surgery nonetheless, and a painful one. can't wait to get back to the gym, and to get back to moving around in general, but i'm taking it slow...

anyhow, i wanted to put a post up about recovery foods, and listening to your body. i eat carbs, i eat fruit, i count nothing. i'm closer to a paul jaminet style perfect health diet than anything else. but since my surgery, i've been craving fruit, craving it so distinctly - as opposed to starch - that i went ahead and listened to my body and have been eating it like a mad man. and i'm recovering nicely and feeling great! just haven't craved sweet potatoes or potatoes or white rice, which i normally include as staples in my diet; but bananas, oranges and grapes have been calling to me in my sleep.

i've been eating tons of eggs, chicken livers, coconut oil, berries, bananas, oranges, grapes and apples. basically living off that stuff! it's all i'm hungry for, so i've gone with it, and by all accounts, i'm healing really quickly. i'm only thirty and in great shape, which helps, but my surgeon was blown away by the fact that i could do 10 air squats on monday, and i can walk perfectly normally at this point, and do overhead squats holding a broom stick.

so the lesson is - if you're in tune with your body - listen to it! if it wants teh evil fruktohze, give it to it.