So, I made the Coconut Pecan Chicken Strips recipe last night. Instead of broccoli, I made roasted sweet potatoes.

This was delicious. So good. Seriously, I am a 34 y.o. mom of two and I rarely cooked in my SAD life. I made noodle-y casseroles or spaghetti and a few other things, but that was about it.

I also hadn't tried sweet potatoes before. Isn't that silly? I think I tried them as a kid and decided they were gross. I liked them. I also had an aversion to coconut for most of my life (again, as a kid, due to my mom ruining perfectly good cake with sprinkling raw coconut on top and me having it in my head as an adult that it was gross.) It's good! The whole meal tasted very fall-ish. It was like eating chicken wrapped in pie. (I was also not that big of a fan of chicken blah...this recipe uses chicken breasts but they actually have some taste.)

On the flip side, it's a lot of work and everyone was standing around whining because it took more prep time than frozen pizza. I will have to get a little faster in the kitchen. Tonight. . .leftovers.