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Thread: yummy pecan snack!

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    yummy pecan snack!

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    Ok, I'll start with a disclaimer. THIS RECIPE CONTAINS 1 tbsp of Maple syrup, for 6 servings of pecans. (imho that's not bad at all!)

    I made myself this treat and I think it tastes a little like carmel popcorn, which is something I used to love before I went grain free. I also love that it gets some extra fat in there, and it's WAY better than junk food!

    Put 1 tbsp salted butter, 1 tsps of vanilla extract and 1 tsp of maple syrup in a fry pan on medium heat. Once everything is bubbling, throw in 1.5 cups of pecan halves. Stir it around and let it get all bubbly. Once the mixture is mostly absorbed by the pecans and you can smell the butter browning a bit, add 2 more tsps of maple syrup, stir it around and let the butter brown a bit more (not burn though) once everythings sticky put in on a plate to cool. Mmmmmm crispy, just a tad sweet, and a little salty from the butter too!

    This recipe (that I made on the fly for my poor kiddos (ok and me!) who are all coming down off of easter "treats" from the grandparents ) makes 6 servings (1/4 cup ).

    Breakdown per serving:

    Calories 216.3
    Fat 21.4g
    Carbs 6.2g
    Fiber 2.6g
    Sugars 3.2g
    Protein 2.5g

    Nom nom nom!

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    This sounds GREAT! I bookmarked it to my recipe folder.
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