Almost half a year into SS. Squat: I'm at 143 lbs squat, 165 lbs deadlift, OP 90lbs, bench 132 lbs. The low squat and deadlift numbers are partially explainable due to bad form which had me deloading them with about 50lbs. But I don't understand why my press and bench press is so weak after half a year. I was at 137 bench press about 5 weeks ago, then I went to dublin with school and got fed horribly and underfed. This caused me to lose a lot of strength and had to deload the bench all the way to 120 lbs (in 1 week!). Now 5 weeks later I am still not where I was 5 weeks ago.
I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong. My calories are between 3500-5000 a day, protein 180-220g.
I do struggle with insomnia from time to time but I get 6-8,5 hrs sleep always. 7,5 most of the time.
The only things I can thing of is doing leangains (with the bcaa and all)
Increasing weight only after every other workout instead of every workout. I'm willing to try anything
I do everything as described, I deload after I failed on an exercise 3x, I move as little as possible on rest days etc.
Tips would be very much appreciated, thanks