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Thread: Mikeadelics Primal Blueprint Journal

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    Mikeadelics Primal Blueprint Journal

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    Hello everyone!

    I am a 29 year old male living in England and thought I'd give this thing a go, as I seem to have a bad reaction to porridge (maybe its because I eat too much in one sitting) which leaves me bloated and feeling uncomfortable.
    I find oatmeal better with a bit of jam but anyhow I'm 3 days into primal now ROAAAAAR!!

    Day 1


    3 fried eggs
    4 bacon
    Half pack of sliced mushrooms
    All fried in a knob of butter

    Lunch (at restaurant)

    2 fried eggs
    3 bacon
    1 frankfurter
    Baked beans
    Black tea


    2 spoons peanut butter
    100 grams Rachels organic coconut yoghurt


    150 gram fried in butter rump steak
    80 grams tomatoes
    80 grams lettuce

    Day 2


    3 fried eggs
    4 bacon
    Fried Pomodorino Tomatoes (70 g)
    All fried in a knob of butter
    2 teaspoons of peanut butter


    Handful of Macadamia Nuts
    A Tomato
    A Red Pepper


    3 Lamb chops fried in butter
    Curly Kale (80 g)
    Irish mature Cheddar Cheese (50 g)
    100 grams of Rachels Organic coconut yoghurt


    2 fried eggs
    2 teaspoons of peanut butter

    Day 3


    3 fried eggs
    6 rashers of thin streaky bacon (thought it might be better as higher fat content)
    All fried in a knob of butter

    Lunch at restaurant

    Poached egg
    Grilled chicken
    3 slices of bacon


    Few strawberries
    a small handful of blackberries


    Small amount of macadamia nuts
    Oven cooked chicken (140 grams)
    Lettuce, red pepper and tomatoes all drizzled in about 50 ml of olive oil
    20 grams of Green & Blacks Maya dark chocolate with orange

    So thats my eating plan so far, what do you think? How could I fine tune it, make my eating better?

    I stupidly did 2 sprint interval sessions on consecutive days, the first being a 8 x 100 metre running sprints on Wednesday and yesterdays 8 x 25 metre swimming sprints, which was originally supposed to be a nice relaxing swim to relieve some achy muscles!
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