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Thread: Carbohydrate content charts?

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    Carbohydrate content charts?

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    Hello all! I found this chart via google, what do you think of its accuracy? It's pretty comprehensive, which I like. I know Mark had a link to a less-comprehensive chart in one of his articles somewhere... I couldn't find it though.

    Also, if any of you have a better chart or just one you use regularly, please post it! I would love more sources... i have been very primal, and seen great results, but I have never counted carbs... which I am considering starting to do to get even more dramatic results!


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    After years and years as a calorie counter, I find it easiest just to use the various food logging web sites to count carbs, rather than trying to search through a chart and then convert manually to whatever serving I'm choosing to eat.

    I like SparkPeople and TheDailyPlate (now part of, although TDP used to be crazy slow on my work computer for no obvious reason. I didn't like FitDay but a lot of other people do. If you want to look up foods without logging them, is good, and has pretty much every commercial (packaged or restaurant) food for which information exists. If you wanted something handy to carry with you, calorieking has been putting out a pocket guide for years, it's usually decent.

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