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Thread: Warrior Diet...weight gain?

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    Unhappy Warrior Diet...weight gain?

    Hello, I am a 19 year old active female. I've been doing a lazy version of the Warrior Diet in which I only eat at night. I try to keep it between 6PM and 10PM. I eat pretty healthy, usually a big meal of rice, steamed veggies, and meat or fish followed by a dessert and maybe a small snack later. I started the diet because I gained the dreaded freshman 15, going from 130 to 145. I've been doing the diet for about 2 weeks now and I feel great. I concentrate a lot better in school, I feel more motivated, I'm spending less on food, and I'm looking thinner. My stomach has gotten flatter and I've been getting many comments on my supposed weight loss. However, I stepped on the scale the other day and I'm up to 152! I don't usually pay much attention to numbers as long as I'm feeling good but it is a little concerning. I've had hormone imbalances in the past (which I fixed with diet and exercise) that I do not want to return. I'm active, my weekly workouts usually consist of 20 minute workouts with a 15 pound kettlebell 2-3 times a week and an hour and a half of Quidditch practice (which is like a mix between soccer, rugby, and dodgeball) twice a week but I don't feel like I'm active enough to have gained a significant amount of muscle. I should also mention that there were days here and there where I completely shirked the diet and just ate normally all day. Do you think my body is adjusting to the diet or something? What is going on?

    I greatly appreciate anyone who read through this rant of mine and I hope to get some answers. Thanks
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