3 almost-pullups (I'm not classing them as pullups until my chest touches the bar).

Breakfast (10.30am):
5 eggs, fried
100g frozen fruit (eaten still-frozen)
1 banana (pudding; had almost an hour after)

Walked for 30min with 20kg backpack.

Snacking throughout the morning:
50g nuts

Walked for 1h 15min with 20kg backpack.

3 almost-pullups

When home (5.20pm):
1 banana
100ml double cream
50g shredded coconut
(all mashed into a paste)

Snacks for the evening (spread out):
1 plum
8 grapes
1sq (10g) 74% chocolate
1 mocha coffee (no milk, no sweetener)

Dinner (10pm):
150g beef, raw
4 eggs, fried
1 medium onion, fried
8 grapes

3 almost pullups

-187g fat
-120g protein
-118g carbs
-total water approx 5 glasses

Why all the detail? I feel AMAZING today. Unsure if it's restricting the dairy, the fact I have no cramps, recovering from stress or the food today. I'd say it's some of everything.