OK, I'm not "true" PB, or "true" anything, really.
I've been tweaking my diet and messing around with it, to "optimize" it, even on my VERY low budget. I also exercise in a rather random way: I lift weights when I feel "the urge", pace and walk a lot, do random body-weight exercises when waiting for stuff... basically I'm rarely still!

I have decided to write a daily overview of my health, along with notes on changes I'm making to my diet and exercise, et cetera, et cetera, so as to see how Lacto-Paleo can be optimized for a student on a VERY limited budget.

I'm in my 4th month.
Here's some notes I've made so far:

"Alice goes Paleo.


Typical diet over 2 days:

Non-school day:
-Breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausages and fried tomato with orange-juice. Fried in sunflower or vegetable oil.
-Snack: banana.
-Lunch: Two sandwiches: ham and cheese and tuna and lettuce. Wholegrain bread, unbuttered. Juice.
-Snack: 2 cookies. Coffee with milk and sweetener.
-Dinner: Pasta with veggies (potato, tomato, mushroom, courgette, onion, garlic). Some added oil. Some added salt. No added sugar. Not made from a jar!
Pre-bed green tea. No sugar, milk or sweeteners.

School day:
-Breakfast: oats with yoghurt and a piece of fruit. Coffee.
-Snack: caffeine-high energy drink (full sugar). An apple.
-School-lunch: lasagne with salad and tuna on the side. Three slices of unbuttered brown bread.
-Snack once home: pate and mustard sandwich on wholemeal bread.
-Dinner: chicken curry with brown rice. Apple for pudding.
Pre-bed camomile tea. No sugar, milk or sweeteners.

-This was what I had to eat to feel full and energized. No meal or snack could be removed or reduced without making me unfocused or lethargic.
-I ate roughly every 3-4 hours, had an energy spike afterwards, which gradually declined from then. I used caffeine to keep me focused and alert.
-I would have a treat like those two cookies or some chocolate pudding roughly 3 days a week.
-My diet was high in caffeine, but, at the time, I was working on quitting energy drinks.
-I would typically eat grains, legumes or white potatoes with 2 out of 3 daily main-meals.
-I felt a duty to have said 3 meals, but guilty about snacking.
-About 80% of my grain-based foods were wholemeal, if not containing whole grains. (Previously, I had been on a diet where I had grain, legumes or potatoes with every meal and 50% of grains were processed white grains. I was a size 16, overweight, continually hungry and largely inactive. I also has very frequent headaches and panic attacks.)
-My fat intake was VERY low.
-I worried about how much fat/calories were going in and tried to be “good” by limiting them, which was sort of stressful/annoying.

-Mild acne that got MUCH worse when stressed
-Hair that got greasy and dandruffy if unwashed for over a day and a half.
-Weak nails

-IQ varies between 128 and 132. Falls as low as 115 when tired or lethargic.

-Body fat percentage: about 23
-BMI: 26.7
-WHR: 0.72-0.75
-Continually trying to cut back calories and fats to “compensate” for poor choices earlier in the day

-Occasionally energetic for endurance things, but mostly lazy

-Intermittent dieter
-Long history of (recently defeated) body-image problems and “yo-yoing weight”
-Poor appetite control, due to the last two points
-Continual feeling of mild “hunger” in the back of my mind and intense sugar cravings

-Very strong bones
-Good teeth, no dental problems apart from sensitivity
-Strong, thick, not very well defined muscles
-Last blood test came back as very healthy, but slightly vitamin D deficient

-Frequent headaches

-Mild lactose intolerance, only displays when I have homogenized cow's milk in any amount

-Plenty of walking, usually with a 3-4 mile walk a week
-Body-weight exercises such as sit-ups, squats, etc, with long-ish breaks
-Carrying bags and books everywhere
-Playing with dumbells a bit, but nothing serious

-Not enough energy for many other activities, such as playing with kids in the family, serious or frequent use of dumbells, sprinting...

Month 1:

Change in eating philosophy:
“In order to be fully healthy, I'd like to eliminate modern foods and eating habits, going almost entirely Paleo apart from dairy products.
I'll eat only when hungry, not touch grains, legumes, potatoes or refined sugars and practise intermittent fasting.”

Typical diet over 2 days:

-Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs, 97% sausages and mushrooms fried in butter. Tea.
-Lunch: Lamb's liver fried in butter with onion and mushrooms. A banana for pudding.
-Snack: Two handfuls of nuts.
-Dinner: Two grilled pork fillets. Strawberries for pudding.
Pre-bed plain tea.

-Breakfast: skipped, not hungry.
-Late lunch: stir-“fried” beef, sealed in a dry pan with spring onions, mushrooms, courgette, onion, cabbage and spinach. Orange for pudding.
-Dinner: grilled chicken-thighs with herbs and little added salt. Had with sliced tomatoes.
-Snack: a grapefruit.
Pre-bed plain green tea.

-Very high in meats (they would be about 1/3 of my plate and I'd have them with every meal).
-Higher in fats, but not all that much higher.
-High in fruits and other naturally sugary foods.
-No grains, legumes or any sort of potato.
-No added sugar, not much added salt, general avoidance of hydrogenated vegetable oils.
-Felt full quicker and, whilst I never got the “boost” sugar and starches give, my energy lasted longer.
-Fasted three times over 4 weeks: two 36 hour fasts and one 24 hour one. I did not feel the urge to binge afterwards, in fact, I ate quite normally.
-Broke it a few times: had ice-cream once (horribly lethargic afterward) and added sugar to a few teas. Felt terrible after that too.
-The odd bit of dark chocolate seems to do no harm, but I only have a square when I have any, and it's, at worst, once a week!

-Acne is lower. Even when stressed, I had less acne than I had before when I was NOT stressed.
-Hair stays clean for up to three days. Dandruff's still there.
-Nails are moderately stronger. Not massively, but no longer brittle.

-IQ regularly scores in the “over 130” category. Not been lethargic or tired enough to test how low it goes then.

-Body fat percentage has dropped, though the exact amount varies depending on the test. 20-22% is a safe estimate.
-BMI: 26.5
-WHR: 0.70
-I don't count calories or reject fats, I just have to make sure the food has no more than 0.5% added sugar, no starches, no modified syrups and no grains.
-Continual “hungry” feeling is almost gone! Especially low after a fast.

-Energy levels are more balanced, they never have “sugar peaks”, but they never drop too low either. Energetic overall.

-Appetite control is better after fasting

-Bones still the same
-Teeth mildly less sensitive
-Muscles still the same
-No longer taking vitamin D supplements

-Headaches gone

-Still have a mild intolerance to milk

-Overall, my exercise regime has changed VERY little, with most of these changes being recent, as I finally have enough energy to actually do them! Most of the health benefits came before any increase in exercise.
-Walking for longer, with a weight on my back, with less problems
-Rests between body-weight exercises are lower
-More energy means I'm doing a lot of “random” exercise and still waking up happy the next day
-Doing a few different exercises with dumbells and kettle-bells now that I have the energy