So, I've tried something new. I am almost half way through my second day of a two day fast. The idea of intermittent fasting makes much sense to me(food wasn't always available 24/7 as it is now) and I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could accomplish it. One thing I've learned is that being hungry is OKAY. Before going Primal, I would get extremely hungry and shaky if I did not eat 6 times a day. It was horrible and miserable to literally have to carry snacks with me wherever I go "just in case". It is a huge accomplishment for me to even go a meal without eating, let alone 2 days.

My question is, what is the best way of breaking a 2 day fast? I have done some searches and I have come up with everything from "do not break your fast with fat and protein" to "fat and protein is the best way to break your fast". So...I'm wondering what the Primal community's stance is on the correct foods to break a fast? I was thinking maybe 1-2 soft boiled eggs, since I believe eggs are easy to digest.

Any certain foods that are best to breaking a fast?