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Thread: Another Newby here...

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    Another Newby here...

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    I got shocked by my doctor that I was pre-diabetic two weeks ago on October 17, 2012. I took action and went on amazon and looked for low glycemic books and during reading one of the reviews someone mentioned Primal Blueprint. So I searched for the PB and read all reviews and read about Mark's Daily Apple and it convinced me to go ahead and order the books. I ordered all three which included the cookbook and 21 Day. I have been reading and going Primal since then. As of today, I am happy to report that I don't have the constant muscle pain that I have been living with all these years. I thought I was just getting old or not doing enough stretches after my runs, etc. I had even changed to using Vibram's my chiropractor recommended, but still continued to have pain. Just the thought of being pain free is a BIG relief and for that I am happy that I came across the Primal Blueprint, but in addition my husband and I have lost about 10 pounds each so far and are always satisfied with meals.. no need for sweets or breads.

    Thank you and I am looking for this journey to continue.

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    Welcome. I'm glad you are off to a great start.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedonist2 View Post
    Welcome. I'm glad you are off to a great start.

    I echo that.

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