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Thread: Alternatives to Shaving Cream

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    My partner has super sensitive skin and finds shaving oil is far better for him than creams or even old-school soap and brush. I shave my legs with just water, but he found that too hard on his skin. The bonus is that the shaving oil is more economical than foam, and it's also better for travel (small enough to be allowed for carry on or can go in checked baggage without pressure concerns).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Anthony View Post
    When I say a good razor, I really just mean anything that's at least a step up from the super-cheap one-bladed disposable razors. You'll be fine with any decent razor and just shaving in the shower.
    this is exactly what i do, and i've had the same gillette mach 3 razor, same original blades, for nearly four years. you can 'sharpen' a razor like that simply by moving the blades along a pair of jeans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthBeachPrimal View Post
    Have you considered no shaving cream at all?

    The Shaving Cream Racket by Jeffrey A. Tucker
    I was going to post this.

    So yes, +1.

    And I haven't used any shaving cream in ages, it's totally not needed.

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    Personally I just use a hair trimmer now as I'm happpy with a once a month reduction to a normal persons 2 day growth

    You can get shaving soap and brushes fairly cheap in the uk, look into a Superdrug next time you pass one, I'm sure they are not much more than a couple of quid, and the soap is cheap too and last ages.
    I tired this as I never got on with shaving oils, and I could get a good shave withou irritation even using an old fassion single bladed razor (the type you unscrew to change the actual blade).

    If you are a bit more flush you can get hemp oil from sainsbury's by the good oil company in the uk, one bottle would probably last months as a shaving oil, and its good for the skin.
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    Have a hot shower to open your pores up then shave with nothing but water.
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    Another one for just warm water and a blade.
    Stopped washing my face with anything but soap a couple of years ago, since then haven't needed anything for shaving either.
    Skin's better for it too.
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    I use soap and water. I've used shaving creams, lotions, gels, oils, but for me nothing beats a bar of soap for ease and convenience. I'm not terribly hairy, so this is just my own experience. The key point is to use a good, fresh razor, keep your skin lathered and wet. The moisture is needed to make sure your razor glides along smoothly and not give you nicks and cuts.
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    I use a cheap twin blade razor, and regular body bar soap. I also shave in the shower, which helps keep the beard softer. I am no longer in the military, so I don't shave every day. Twice a week... maybe. I have used an old fashioned straight razor before, but if you are traveling, good luck getting that past the touchy-feely security administration.....

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    Just used hot water this morning. It worked like a charm, so thanks everyone. Now I need to find an alternative use for this extra can of shaving cream. Seems like a shame to waste it.

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    I've just been using a bit of dr. bronner's soap instead of cream for a decade or so, works well.

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