Hello everyone, I'm new here & new to primal. I was looking at the "How to Succeed with the Primal Blueprint" page (How to Succeed with the Primal Blueprint | Mark's Daily Apple) and had some questions about the protein/carb mix.

This page says 0.7-1 g lean protein/pound lean muscle mass per day.
It also says 50-100 g carbs/day for weight loss or 100-150 g/day for maintenance.

I am a 120 lb female, with bf% probably around 20%. I was 16%-17% in May, but I think I've probably gone back up some since I haven't been working out with weights at all, although my weight is the same.

Anyway, for discussion purposes let's say my lean mass is a nice round number - 100 lbs.

So, my protein intake would be 100g and my carb intake would be around 100g too? (I'm not really trying to lose weight. I like that my weight really never changes. It makes it easy to buy pants.)

That seems a little high on the carb ratio to me for a primal diet. What am I missing?