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    Joining the TEAM


    Just finished Primal Blueprint, all makes perfect sense to me.

    A few things right off the bat:

    1.) Immediatly changed my shopping, organic vegetables and meat products, free range chicken, non-caged chicken eggs, no farm raised fish - ever. As a member of an outdoors loving family, I am fortunate to have the ultimate pasture fed animals as in venison and elk as my staple, do not eat much beef.

    2.) Following the PB exercise plan, have alway been athletic and not just a gym rat, but try and incoporate as many steps in my day as possible and view raking and cleaning as workout, it can be. :-) Where pedometer....try to step as close to10K a day. Lift weights three days a week, standard workout is intervals, 15 min. cardio...lift low weight, lots of reps....repeat 3-4 more times.

    3.) Drink water mostly, trying to give up sugar substitute beverages i.e. a diet pepsi or a Monster....only one a day... if that.

    Years ago I did a test at the gym: Resting Metablic Rate (BMR?): think it was around 1600???

    Basic Day:
    Bfast: Two hard boiled eggs
    Espresso with cream
    Lunch: Huge Salad: organic greens, peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, half an avocado, EVOO and vinegar...1-2TBL either blue cheese, feta or sharp cheddar. Add chicken if left over of venison.
    Dinner lean protein and tons of stir fried veggies....peppers, zucchini, potatoes ever.
    Know my carb intake is low because I am in Ketosis. Don't miss them, the breads, sweets etc.
    Only downfall is the red wine, but keep it to weekends 2-4 glasses Fri/Sat.

    Snacks: string cheese, hb egg, jerky, organic apple.

    So, why am I not dropping weight? I have been doing this for 1.5-2 months and I drop five, gain 2, drop one, gain three.

    I am 5'8", weigh 192lbs, goal weight 155-160lbs. I am 42....carry weight in mid section and boobs. I have had my thyroid removed, that is when my weight challenges began, but according to my bloodwork, am in the "normal range" - Hypotyhroidism.

    Vitamin D 5000IU
    A good Fish oil 1000mg

    Oh, sleep matter what am a horrible sleeper always have been and am researching that to see what can be done. When desperate, have to take an for work and just have an inability to sleep for longer than 5 hours straight (even with the ambian) is a serious issue...yes, do have a stressful job. Paid very close attention in PB about hormones...i.e. cortisol.

    Any tips? Anyone?
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