I am currently taking MegaMen daily multivitamin from GNC. First off, what are your thoughts on this or any daily multivitamin? If you don't mind, it would be great to back up any opinions with some solid research or studies demonstrating your reasoning.

Next, what about a fish oil supplement? I feel that it is a good idea but when you do any cursory research you get all manner of information; some of it says it will make you live to 130 years old, and others say it will basically kill you. I am exagerating of course but you get the point. Where do you guys stand with fish oil supplements?

Lastly, what else am I missing? I don't really want to take 17 different things a day, nor do I wish to spend a lot of money on this stuff. If I am gettingdaily: 4-6 servings of vegetables, 1-2 of fruit, 2-4 of protein (usually eggs, chicken, or beef, fish once or twice a month), .5-1 serving of dairy, lots of water, and sometimes a handful of nuts or seeds of some sort, do I really need a supplement?

I like the MegaMen due to the Vitamin D content, as well as other elements of it, but not sure if just doing a vitamin D supplement would be better. I work inside at a desk all day and don't really have the opportunity to get out and get adequate sun exposure, etc.

Help me wrap my brain around this please.

Thanks in advance.