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Thread: Need Advice Regarding My Cholesterol

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    Need Advice Regarding My Cholesterol

    Here is a brief history:

    About 5 years ago my cholesterol was typically in the 220's, my HDL in the 50's and LDL near 120, Trigs around 100. Doctor suggested Lipitor to reduce cholesterol and lower LDL's. I took a low dose Lipitor twice a week. My cholesterol dropped to 153, HDL went to 60's and LDL dropped to 80. I felt the Lipitor was making my thinking foggy, so I eventually went off of it and adopted many aspects of a Primal diet, mainly eating more protein and fat. Prior to this change, I was eating a lot of carbs, steel-cut oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, salads for lunch, and fish or chicken for dinner. Now for breakfast I'm eating eggs cooked in coconut oil about 5-6 days a week, salads topped with fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel or tuna) for lunch and fish, chicken, or turkey for dinner. I'm consuming a lot of avocados and nuts and coconut milk but I still eat a lot of fruit for desserts, or in smoothies before a workout. After going off the Lipitor and eating more primally, my cholesterol jumped back to 225, but my HDL's were 100, LDL's 110 and my trigs were 50. My most recent blood test showed a cholesterol of 256, HDL's of 91, LDL's of 148, and Trigs of 61. I'm concerned about the rise in total cholesterol and especially the rise in LDL's. At what point will my readings signal a potential problem?
    I'm thinking about cutting down on eggs and coconut oil and possibly going back to oatmeal. I would appreciate any advice regarding the rise in my cholesterol and my diet. I'm 64 years old, have high blood pressure which is under good control with medication, and a history of some heart disease in my family.
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