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Thread: Need Advice Regarding My Cholesterol

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    I appreciate your comments. It's very difficult to watch my cholesterol and LDL's rise because I've been so conditioned by the medical community and so called health experts to maintain low cholesterol readings and to avoid saturated fat. I feel great eating my eggs with veggies cooked in coconut oil and consuming lots of protein, but also wish my lipid numbers would stop rising. Does anyone have any suggestions about naturally reducing my readings without resorting to drugs? I think with me, it's just a matter of reaching a comfort level where I won't consider my elevated readings a potential health issue.
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    It's important to understand that cholesterol is A/ critical to your life, B/ highly concentrated in your brain (you do want to take care of your brain, don't you?), and C/ not really affected by diet. Also, have a look at the table in the upper right of this attachment (once the mods approve it).
    I don't know about you, but I like the odds in the third row, fifth column (HDL > 60, LDL > 160). The table is summarized by the author with this little gem:

    • Half the patients hospitalized with CAD had admission LDL < 100 mg/dL and three quarters had LDL < 130 mg/dL.
    • LDL < 70 mg/dL was observed in 17.6% of patients.
    • Over half the CAD patients had HDL levels < 40 mg/dL.
    • HDL > 60 mg/dL was observed in only 7.8% of patients.
    • “Ideal” levels (LDL <70 mg/dL with HDL >60 mg/dL) were observed in only 1.4% of hospitalized CAD patients.

    In other words, LDL <100 ain't protective. And all cause mortality is lowest with TC between 200 and 240 (or, as noted above, 270 - the studies are somewhat variable). Cancer incidence is higher the lower your cholesterol.

    Do review Peter Attia's 9-part series on cholesterol if you need some current science to bolster your emotions. And speaking of emotions - taking out the feelings caused by the drumbeat we've all heard for the last 40 or so years ... physically HOW DO YOU FEEL? How's your energy? Clarity of thought? Zest for life?

    <rant> Why are we so fixated on a lab number while we ignore the synthesis represented by a living, breathing person? </rant>

    Finally - it's my life, and no one else's - I will take the risks that I choose, for my own reasons. And I will accept the consequences, though I expect favorable consequences, of course. But no one will choose for me. Including my doc, bless her heart.

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