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Thread: Stevia Causing Sugar Cravings? Or Something Else?

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    Stevia Causing Sugar Cravings? Or Something Else?

    I thought stevia was the best option when it came to sugar substitutes. I get pure stevia from a local vitamin store.

    For the past month, I've been trying to research possible options to end my sugar cravings. During that time, I came across The Whole 30. I have considered doing a Whole 30, but what I'm really starting to wonder is whether or not stevia is part of the problem...or if it is something else entirely.

    Some background...

    My calories/protein/fat/carbs on average is about 1950/100/150/60

    Daily Supplements
    -magnesium citrate (200-400mg)
    -calcium (300 mg)
    -cod liver oil (1 tsp)
    -vitamin B complex (1 capsule)
    -vitamin C (3,000-4,000mg)
    -vitamin dE (200IU)
    -probiotic (Nature's Way Primadophilus)

    The stevia I take daily...
    28 gram bottle, 45 servings per bottle = about 0.6 gm per serving. I have between 1-4 (0.6-2.4 gm) servings daily.

    Other things I have been trying to improve on are consistent exercise and sleep. I understand that lack of sleep triggers sugar cravings. I can say with certainty that even during weeks that I get enough sleep and go to bed at the same time, I still crave sugar. I have also tried adding additional supplements (5-HTP, chromium picolinate, and gymnema sylvestre, separately) to see if they would help.

    Despite a few slip ups (involving sugar), I have maintained primal eating for three months. Now that eating this way has developed into a habit for me, I want to widen the space between slip-ups until they are more or less eliminated. I think sugar cravings is one of the things preventing me from progressing.
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