I am having such a hard time giving up my "chronic cardio". Form many, many years I have ran, biked, hiked, or cross-country skied daily (on the weekends it is normal for me to be out for 4-7 hours moving most of the time). I have been trying to cut back on the cardio which is very hard for me and trying to focus on resistance type of acitivites. I have read MDA and have a understanding why it is not the best...I am just nervous that I will not have the endurance I have now if I cut back on it. It also does not "feel" normal to me to not do something carido daily with gettting my HR up and moving. Granted it does get moving with weight lifting. I guess I just needed to vent or look for some ideas on how to overcome this. I was following PB for 3 months in the summer, hit a small bump in the road and now I am back at it. During those 3 months I did not lose any weight or any inches. Hmmmmm