I know Mark posted a while ago about the benefits of sack time with a loved one, but I'm not talking about that. He talks about going barefoot as often as possible, but what about the rest of us, all crammed into our tight jeans and pantyhose and all that nonsense all the time?

I live in Georgia, where we hibernate in the summer because it's suicide to step foot outside during the day. While I'm holed up waiting for the sun to go down, watching NatGeo, I see real-life Groks in the jungle just letting it all hang out in the breeze and sun, and I admit I get a little jealous. Grok would never stuff himself into a suit in 100 degree weather if he didn't have to, and I'd bet that in the privacy of his own hut, he wouldn't have worn a damn thing. I think this is an aspect of Primal living that we often overlook. We're clothed all the time because we're told it's indecent not to be. We don't get much chance to actually be present with our bodies, as they are. What's more primal than that?

I'm not suggesting that we all become nudists, by any means. However, I think we're so used to being uncomfortable in our clothes that we don't even think about it.