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Thread: Let's all get nekkid!

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    To quote the Chillis "If I die before I wakie, I pray the lord I rock out nakie"

    My little one loves her 'bare time' as she calls it, but my step-son is getting uncofortable about nakidness so I keep the mouse in the house when he's arround, I think that's a normal approaching pubity thing.

    I do think we really need to remove the association between being naked and sex, you don't have to get your kit off to do the nasty and you don't have to do the nasty just coz you've got you kit off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanderlust View Post
    Weeeeeellll....this was what I meant:
    But close enough.
    I know I know. Sarcasm fails on the internet unless you get really elaborate.

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    I pretty much live in a tee and panties. Pull my jammie bottoms on to go get the mail. But I live in a ground floor apt, so unless I want to share with the neighbors, I'm not that comfortable running around naked. Besides, I'm not the best housekeeper, and I don't want to get dust on the princess.

    I wore suits to work for about seven years and I hated them. I don't know how men can stand ties.

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    Nudity doesn't bother me in the least, have been to many a nudist beach/resort, but I like having my boobs under control most of the time. And pockets. I like having pockets as I'm always out and about doing stuff that requires having some place to put stuff. Not to mention thorns + naked flesh = ow. But I'm fortunate that I don't have to "dress" for work so I generally wear comfy clothes, weather appropriate. I have a few rompers that I love wearing when it's hot and I pretty much live in flip-flops. Sleep in just panties unless it's really cold, then I'll throw on an oversized pullover.

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    I rarely feel uncomfortable in my clothes. Soft cotton boxers, loose shorts, cotton T-shirt and flip-flops (or barefoot), almost year-round, work or play. What's to dislike?

    I sleep naked, but I like to keep at least a pair of boxers and a T-shirt on, in case someone comes to my door or whatever. The neighbors are here to ask me to watch their dog while they go on a trip, not to check out my junk, you know? No one wants the Naked Guy opening the door...
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    Temperature allowing, I wear minimal clothing at home. I got into the habit of sleeping naked or just in underwear, no matter how cold it is (lots of blankets) several years ago. Sometimes, I wear clothes to bed for comfort, but I take them off in the middle of the night. I generally change into pajamas of some kind once I'm home, if it's too chilly, so that I can at least be comfortable. PJs = footed PJs (so cozy) or a loose shirt and loose pants (like scrubs).

    As for public environments, I always dress for comfort.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wiltondeportes View Post
    Lighten up, Francis.
    grow some tits and put up with that dumb shit on a routine basis and see how long it takes you to get unlighted up
    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodorchid View Post
    grow some tits and put up with that dumb shit on a routine basis and see how long it takes you to get unlighted up

    It stops being funny when every time women discuss their bodies, some dude inevitably chimes in with a request for pics. Lawls, you're so funny and original, I'll totes show you my tits, random internet stranger!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodorchid View Post
    grow some tits and put up with that dumb shit on a routine basis and see how long it takes you to get unlighted up
    Why there needs to be a subforum for women's stuff

    All the period threads can go there
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    I hate it so much when I'm obliged to wear more than panties to bed.. I also dearly miss my nekid time since moving in with my brother Used to be that I would barely make it inside the door before losing the pants. No desire to display anything in public, but I do generally find socially acceptable dress to be overly restrictive. That's why I love skirts so much! Get a nice breeze going on up in there

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