Second major FAIL.

The first one, was the fat bread that was highly talked about here over the past few months (original recipe here); I managed to do it right once before but the second attempt (in which I poorly substituted coconut butter for a some canned coconut) resulted in nearly $20 worth of a smelly, green disgusting baked disaster (can't even call it bread!).

And tonight I decided to give almond bread a shot, with an ultra easy recipe that -- I should have known better -- was too good to be true. But it was shared on here somewhere, the forum I believe.
DO NO TRY THIS AT HOME -- this was the original 'recipe':
200g of ground almonds
4 eggs - sufficient to make it sloppy
1 tbsp cider vinegar
1 tsp (heaped) baking powder
pinch salt

Into a greased bowl - 40 minutes at 200C. Done.

I just got it out of the oven. It "sounded" weird as I removed it from the baking dish. As in, exactly the same spongy-wet noise the prior disaster made out of the oven a few weeks back.
It's cooked all the way, don't get me wrong.

Tried to cut a slice and WOW ... it smells so foul... Like ammonia, my husband says it smells like very dirty feet...
Is it dangerous to try and eat it?

I know I am just crying over wasted nuts! But I really would like to get this right, please help!