Even though I've more or less reached a sustainable goal for my weight (although I'd loveee to lose a few more pounds of fat but who wouldn't?) I still can't help but get super pissed and jealous when my friends and I go out for ice cream. Most of them are naturally thin, average young twenty-somethings who have no clue what its like for me to have to wake up every day and make a conscious decision that I am more than a body composition/weight on the scale/whatever. They can sit back and enjoy their ice cream, while I do as well, but the one difference is that tomorrow and for the rest of the week I'll be bloated and retaining water and freaking out about it while they don't even think about it twenty minutes after they finish their ice cream. Ah its so annoying. OH THE JOYS OF BEING A NATURALLY THIN, JUNK-EATING BITCH. Anyway, I guess I'm done complaining. yay.