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Thread: Rant about ice cream and skinny people

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    Thanks for the suggestion namelesswonder! While dairy does bother my tummy a bit, I meant more like water bloat/water retention in my original post. Its the psychological effects of holding a few extra pounds that get me down.

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    In addition to the wise words of Prof. Neckhammer, I would add that, while it might be annoying that others can do things you can't do, you can probably do things they can't.

    So it's all a wash in the end...whatever the end or the wash might be!

    Also, if you have what you have via your own effort, that should be more satisfying than people who have what they have by genetic accident.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blissfull View Post
    I read somewhere that you can do/eat as you wish when you are in your teens, twenties or even thirties but when you
    hit your forties it all starts to show up. High blood pressure, pre-diabetes, cholesterol issues, weight gain, joint problems etc...
    Now that I am in my forties and have friends in their forties I see this all around me and in myself. I have a tendency to
    have neck and shoulder issues that I attribute to all those years of effortlessly carrying children on my back in a backpack.
    At the time it didn't bother me at all, I was in shape it wasn't anything to hoist a kid up and carry them around. Now I can
    see that maybe I overdid it because my head is a little forwards from where it should be and I have to really practice relaxing
    my shoulder area regularly or I will pull something. It all comes back to haunt you in other words. Just take care of yourself
    and not worry about what others eat or not eat. If ice cream left you feeling great I would also say indulge from time to time but if it leaves you feeling bloated as you say then your body probably doesn't like it. Ice cream doesn't bother me at all
    but pizza sure does, I'll still eat it every once in a while but I almost always regret when I feel my puffy eyelids the next day.
    Yeah, the 40s. That was what happened to me. I managed to go along through my life, never thin, but always pretty healthy for the most part. And then the 40s hit and your arms get to short and you walk around with three pairs of glasses on your head, the aches and pains start up, you get an injury and it never really goes away, the weight starts to come on even though you're eating the same and just as active as ever, doctors start talking about hysterectomies and statins. I'm so glad to find paleo/primal to halt the process and reverse some of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Philosopher Dan View Post
    In addition to the wise words of Prof. Neckhammer, I would add that, while it might be annoying that others can do things you can't do, you can probably do things they can't.
    It might also be useful to focus on what you can do more than what you can or can't eat. For example, even though skinny people can eat lots of ice cream, I can walk across the whole US. There was a skinny lady who came to my exercise class once. She was so weak she couldn't do any of the exercises! She couldn't use her body, so I didn't feel jealous at all for her being skinny.
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.

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