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Thread: Rant about ice cream and skinny people

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    I don't eat fast food, white wheat foods, chips, and candy very rarely and don't drink any soda but when I have some extra calories I love eating a bowl of vanilla ice cream with peanut butter.

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    I think a few things:
    1. I've never noticed other people bloating, so for all you know, they bloated as well. Bloating happens. My weight can vary 5 lbs and I don't notice an appearance change in myself.
    2. I have a very thin friend. If she eats ice cream or sweets, she has intense gastro-intestinal pain. I'd rather have some bloat, TYVM.
    3. I bloat but keep losing weight. Got down to 200, bloated to 205.... then to 190, bloated to 195. Bloat is what it is.... water retention and a sign that you might think about limiting the food.
    4. Random shit can make you bloat- I eat too many peppers and tomatoes and I bloat.
    5. You have to decide how worthwhile ice cream is for you. I ate a bunch of ice cream and chocolate this summer and it stalled the weight loss. I decided it wasn't worth it for me to try and have it on the regular. So now its a special, occasional, couple times a year treat, and chocolate is a never (I don't LOVE chocolate).
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    Jeez the spammers are in full-force on this thread, aren't they? I like ice cream, too, but it hurts my teeth. All my big molars except for one have crowns and I just can't eat cold stuff like that anymore. Makes me sad. I went out for a big sushi dinner a while back and afterward we went to get ice cream. I got the smallest size they had in my favorite flavor and half-way through I didn't want anymore. That was amazing. I actually prefer sushi to ice cream. Maybe your tastes will change like mine have.
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    I think we all feel that way about seeing 'other' people, the slender people consuming our favorite food we are avoiding. Chocolate, pizza, pastries, ice-cream... whatever your cryptonite is. At least if you are in your twenties you can be comforted by the thought that most of your slim friends will pay for that consumption later in life, after childbirth or after 30. The real hurt are those ladies who manage through their thirties and a kid or three without the weight-gain, digging into a slice of a chocolate cake while the less fortunate are weighing their celery sticks.
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    comparing yourself to others is a major step on the path to unhappiness...

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    I read somewhere that you can do/eat as you wish when you are in your teens, twenties or even thirties but when you
    hit your forties it all starts to show up. High blood pressure, pre-diabetes, cholesterol issues, weight gain, joint problems etc...
    Now that I am in my forties and have friends in their forties I see this all around me and in myself. I have a tendency to
    have neck and shoulder issues that I attribute to all those years of effortlessly carrying children on my back in a backpack.
    At the time it didn't bother me at all, I was in shape it wasn't anything to hoist a kid up and carry them around. Now I can
    see that maybe I overdid it because my head is a little forwards from where it should be and I have to really practice relaxing
    my shoulder area regularly or I will pull something. It all comes back to haunt you in other words. Just take care of yourself
    and not worry about what others eat or not eat. If ice cream left you feeling great I would also say indulge from time to time but if it leaves you feeling bloated as you say then your body probably doesn't like it. Ice cream doesn't bother me at all
    but pizza sure does, I'll still eat it every once in a while but I almost always regret when I feel my puffy eyelids the next day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owly View Post
    The thing is, you don't know what that "naturally slim" person might be doing when nobody else is around. A lot of women will do things like starve themselves in private, overexercise, and adopt various purging behaviours, but you'll never know it because they will never tell. I was one of those girls once upon a time, and I'm sure people hated me for being a "skinny bitch" when I would do stuff like down a gigantic milkshake when hanging out with friends, but they didn't see me rollerblading three hours a day some days, binging and purging, and skipping meals like crazy.

    Some people are actually naturally slim, but you really don't know when you are looking at someone's life from the outside what kind of private mess they might be when nobody is looking.
    I'm one of those thin girls with a private mess.

    Almost got it all cleaned up. My mess, that is.

    I know many people who were thin in their 20s but ballooned in their 30s and 40s. Those are likely the people who never learned it was important to make healthy food choices because they never had to when they were younger. I consider you to be the lucky one.

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    Wow guys, thanks for the replies. I agree with most of you, in that I really can't know what's going on in other people's lives, and that I shouldn't care. My biggest weakness is comparing myself to everyone I look up to, or envy in some way. Lately I've been trying to start focusing on living life "for me," as in making all of my decisions based on how I want my life to be, not on how I want to be perceived by the outside world. It's a long road to happiness, but at least I'm on it!

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    Would Lactaid allow you to process the ice cream any easier, or some other digestive enzyme? I think it'd be worth the occasional indulgence so you feel less stressed about it
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    Quote Originally Posted by primalsun View Post
    Lately I've been trying to start focusing on living life "for me," as in making all of my decisions based on how I want my life to be, not on how I want to be perceived by the outside world.
    I'm convinced that this is one of the best changes, if not the best, that you can make in your life. I'm certainly not perfect at it, and it's much easier said than done, but it starts with recognizing the issue. Congrats.

    Quote Originally Posted by namelesswonder View Post
    Would Lactaid allow you to process the ice cream any easier, or some other digestive enzyme? I think it'd be worth the occasional indulgence so you feel less stressed about it
    Also this.

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