I have wondered if i should start a journal, even now I hesitate. In a way it will be good to put down progress and toughts and look back to see where i ahve grown and mistakes I've made.

I have thought this over in my head and decided that a little history would be nice, but will edit it and not make any possible reader slog through my life history. I'm 5'6" and was always a skinny little kid, until puberty swept in. In my teens I become stocky with a little weightlifting and lawnwork. Until I was able to drive, I had a tenspeed, that got me everywhere, no wonder, since I fell in love with the movie Breaking Away. Some of the kids i hung around had mopeds and i did my best to keep up with them on my bike. During this time, my legs were huge and could leg press 300pounds.

I spent time in the Army and got involved in weightlifting and it was almost my religion. Once out of the service I got on with my life and this person I used to be in my 20's and early 30's carried alot anger and esteen issues and that played out in the form of lifting weights as a release. For a couple years I played paintball, which helpeddrop some body fat--looked good on the outside, but I was a mess inside.

There was a catalyst, that changed how I viewd myselfm etc. and gave me hope. with this new foudn outlook, I stopped working out, beceause the anger was gone. This period of time brought alot of changes and is the reason i am so willing to take on change now.

So in this last year and a half, I became a vegetarian for a few reasons. The biggest being that I thought I'd lose weight. I had played around with Ayurvedic eating before this and lost weight, but it didn't stick. During this time I had also started doing yoga and changed jobs from a field job to an inside job.

Here we are, beginning my fourth week, eatig primal/paleo. feeling great. I just started reading Robb Wolf's book and Mark's willl be next. I started with the basic idea and just ran with it, not over complicating it. I have kept my meals pretty basic, chicken, salads and fruit and drinking water. I read labels now and some of the juices I used to buy, I won't now because I read the lable.

Places I have gone out to eat (primally): Chipotle- It makes me laugh when my bowl slides empty past the rice and beans, to get double chicken, mild salsa sour cream, quac and lettice.
Red Lobster- had the cole slaw, lunchtime portion of grilled trout with garlic butter and a skewer of grilled shrimp and two helpings of broccoli with iced tea.
Denny's- this was today, All American slam scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage and freshfruit with orage juice and water.
Bob's Bigboy Weekend Breakfast bar- Almost a every sunday thin for me now. Pile of scrambled eggs, pile of bacon and some fresh pineapple, its been about two plates of this each trip and a orange juice and water.

I have been taking pictures of my face, front and side body shots and can see the difference. My pants are getting looser but no actual weight loss. I don't know when the weight will come off, with the muscle base I have, but 'm not worried about it with the results I can see.