Hello, all, I've just got a quick question as my first post!

So I've been trying to eat primally now (slowly working myself off of my previous 'diet) for about three weeks. This seems to be the week where I'm *finally* getting 100 or less carbs a day, and I feel great! The thing is, however, that I'm a starving artist, so all of this food that's making me feel great isn't grass fed or organic.

So I've gone about this issue just like I've gone about the eating kosher idea that I do: I'll eat the right type of foods, but there's no organic or kosher guarantee. Thankfully they both lead to the same easiest solution: less processed, more whole food.

So anyway, here's my question: which is more important? Primal type food, or organic/grass-fed food? Frankly, with a budget of 100 dollars a week to feed three people, I can't do organic or grass-fed. So does it matter that I'm doing primal at all if I can't? Or is primal-type food better than plain-old SAD food?