So here's my question. Do any of you find that eating most of your carbohydrates earlier in the day works
best in terms of energy levels, mood etc. or do some of you find later in the day works best OR does the
timing not really apply at all?

A few years back when I was in much better shape physically I went to a nutritionist that pretty much looked
at what and when I ate and said to do this:
Protein for breakfast
Protein for lunch
Protein for afternoon snack along with a carbohydrate source and a fat
Then to eat my carbs at dinner.

I was a carb addict at the time. I suppose she could tell this by looking at my daily eating charts.

This is what happened when I did what she said:
I gained 4 pounds and lost 3 percent body fat.
Being a female at 15% body fat and having it drop to 12% in a month by just shifting the whats and whens
of my eating plan I was really impressed with my results.

I posted this question because I am always hearing the opposite, no carbs at night for best results.
Does it really make a difference when you stick with eating primally all the time? (I am not doing this perfect
yet but trying to!) What are your experiences?