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Thread: Carbs in the A.M. or in the P.M. or just w/protein

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    In my experience, feeling tired after a meal or having it negatively impact your mood has far more to do with the quality of your digestion than the macronutrients you're eating, so I don't personally believe it matters.

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    There was a study that I linked to a while back that took two dietary control control groups, one was fed carbs throughout the day, the ate most of their carbs at night.
    The group that ate most of their carbs at night lost more weight and had less food cravings during the day.
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    Sounds like carbs in the evening works well for many people. After I posted the original question I was thinking that maybe
    this worked so dramatically for me in the body composition area was because I just cut my carbs and upped my protein
    naturally by not starting my day and fueling throughout the day with high carb foods. No matter the reason I did see results
    at the gym and I felt great. I think I am going to save my sweet potatoes and apples for dinner time and see what happens.
    As for the rest of the veggies I will still eat them earlier and throughout the day. I am afraid if I don't I won't eat enough to
    get adequate nutrition. I'll eat a whole onion with my eggs but I don't see myself throwing that on a salad.
    My personal goals are not so much to lose weight, although I am 10 pounds heavier than I would like to be, but to get to
    that place of homeostasis where my body just works like the machine it is. I want to feel good, and to stay strong and flexible.
    I use carbs as a crutch when I am tired (early in the day and even in the evenings) I need to get past that.

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