Hey folks. I've been on-off eating primal for almost 2 years now. My first attempt failed due to some intense fatigue with VLC. I slowly added carbs in, and finally gave up, going back to some of the worst eating I've ever done. During that process, I had several blood tests done and spoke with a sleep specialist. Nothing was ever considered abnormal, nutrient levels looked okay, etc. I tried supplementing with Potassium and Magnesium Malate, but saw no relief, and the MM gave me some terrible gas.

I started back in January of this year, gradually, eating a higher than normal level of starches and fruit. I've been gluten free with a couple of exceptions. I eat lots of eggs, meat, vegetables, some fruit and some starches for carbs. I felt great, and ran a half marathon in April. However, around June I decided to cut out some fruit and starches to trim a few more pounds. I again fell back into the fatigue, poor sleep, etc. I've upped the carbs again, but once again, I'm not getting any relief.

I'm eating enough, plenty of fat, lots of veggies. 70% of the meat I eat is from a side of beef and side of pork we buy locally. The rest is chicken and fish. I supplement with a multi vitamin, D3 and C. I currently take in somewhere around 75-100g of carbs per day, though that's higher than normal. Most of the carbs are from sweet and white potatoes, and white rice, and some from fruit. I exercise 3-4 times a week, more when time allows. Several visits, with several doctors showed thyroid function is normal (I do have Vitiligo, though), blood glucose management is stellar and typical nutrient profiles were in the normal ranges.

Fatigue throughout the day, with (sometimes intense) restlessness. I sometimes have a constant need to stretch, and my quads feel almost tingly they're so ready to go. The fatigue seems to wain towards the end of the day (5PM), then comes back around bedtime. I sleep restlessly, and recently have been getting woken up 1-2 hours before my alarm goes off by abrupt and intense stretching. If I'm being active (standing, walking, mowing, playing w/ kids, etc.), I notice the restlessness less. However, when exercising, everything feels more difficult. My quads in particular reach lactic threshold more easily, and my leg muscles feel like they "burn" with less than typical effort. The only other standout symptom besides the fatigue has been some intermittent loose stool and some terrible smelling gas. I've been experimenting with completely removing dairy as well as chiles, and seem to be having some luck.

I really, really don't want to go back to a SAD, but it's getting to the point where this fatigue is all consuming. I know going back to gluten will mean a return to reflux and asthma symptoms, but I'm starting to think it's worth it. I'm not at all opposed to seeking medical attention, but for what? That's led me nowhere so far.