I donated blood today, second time ever. Somehow I felt very anxious while I was lying down and my blood was flowing out. It started when walking to the church where the donating took place: a feeling of restlessness that turned into really felling uneasy and even a tight feeling around the heart when I was lying down. As soon as I was finished, I drank a cup of water (politely declining all the cookies and juice) and felt really good all of a sudden when walking back home.

Is this just a general feeling of anxiety for anything "medical" (which I do have, because I have never really been ill or hospitalised perhaps I somehow really don't like doctors and a hospital environment) or is there a more "primal" reason for this irrational feeling? I find it bizarre how my mind got into that worked up state of panic. For what it's worth, I IF'd until noon, did 20 minutes of kettlebell exercises, then had a sizeable meal of pork, potatoes and broccoli, donated blood about 3 hours afterwards.

I think I'm mentally pretty stable, never depressed and usually quite cheerful, but I should add that I once had bouts of anxiety when I was taking malaria tablets (combined with a poor diet, which looking back on it certainly didn't help). I had hoped that ever since going primal this would be a thing of the past but I wonder if anxiety could be simply something "human", a sort of defence mechanism? Any thoughts?